Sheila Newbery Photography

Sheila Newbery is a photographer and printer. She works in silver (in a traditional wet darkroom) and platinum-palladium, which she learned in apprenticeship with Josh Partridge. Her book Los Caprichos (IF SF Publishing, 2020) was inspired by Goya's uproarious aquatint etchings of 1799. You can see a short video about the project at this link.

Recent exhibitions have included In the Eye of Things, a pop-up show and reading with poet/neurologist Dawn McGuire (Oakland, 2017); Con(text) juried by Tim Clark of the UK's 1000 Words magazine (Darkroom Gallery, 2015); an invited solo show at Arterra in San Francisco (Ohio woods, December, 2013); the 12th Annual Joyce Elaine Grant Photography Exhibition (Texas); and "One by One" at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (Denver). She has also exhibited at the University of California, Berkeley, the Berkeley Art Center, the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center (Berkeley Civic Arts Exhibition, 2010--11) and the University of Arizona (Postcard Collective, May 2010). Her project Ordinary Dancers was featured in a solo show at the Photolab Gallery (Berkeley, CA) in January 2010. Her portraiture has appeared in publications such as Der Spiegel, School Library Journal, and Classical Music Magazine, among others.